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A Completed Draft is Just the Beginning

At the beginning of July, I typed the last sentence for the draft of FALL OF THE WITCH, the first book in my new Sleepy Hollow High series.  My family was ecstatic, “You’re done!” my one daughter said.  And I looked at her almost dumbfounded.

Was I really done? Well, the draft was completed, but it is literally the first iteration of the book.  In no way would I say that it is a done deal.  Currently the plan that I have for this book is to let it sit for a while and then do a total read/ re-write on it.  Once that’s done, its a matter of rinse and repeat.

It will probably end up taking somewhere around 8 rewrites before I’ll be at a point that I would be willing to send it to an editor.  After the editor is finished there will be at least one more rewrite.

So, going back to what my daughter said, is it done?  No, but its a great start.

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