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Why does your bio say that you write fiction under a pen name?  I choose to use a pen name for several reasons, but the biggest is that there is an actress who has the same name and I don’t want us to get confused.  The second big reason, is that during my professional teaching career, I had some articles that were published, and I am working on a few non-fiction books that directly correlate to them.  I don’t want my readers who buy all of my books picking one up expecting it to be the latest Romantic Suspense and ending up with a book on Science-Technology-Engineering-Mathematics Education.

Why are there no heavy sex scenes or swearing in your books?  I can’t say for anybody else, but when pick up a book, I want the excitement and thrill of what it promises.  When there is a strong plot, and the book is well written, you don’t want to have the mood broken by 20 pages of explicit sex.  When I read a book that has that in it, unless I’m critiquing for somebody, I usually end up skipping that section.  I write stories that I would like to read.  For me, that’s a good sweet-romantic suspense.