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Yours For Christmas – A quick review

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I have long been a fan of Susan Mallery’s Fool Gold Series, and have looked forward to the newest release.  For this holiday season, Mallery has launched an e-book only novella, Yours For Christmas.

Readers of the Fools Gold Series have already met the two main characters in other books: Kenny Scott, an ex-NFL star who is a partner in the PR firm Score, and Bailey Voss, a single mom.  These two have had several close calls within the other F.G. books, and it was fairly obvious that they were destined to get together, with the only question being when.

Yours For Christmas follows Mallery’s typical recipe for the Fools Gold series.  The two main characters end up getting put together to handle a town event.  Their constant interaction causes their relationship to blossom.

One thing that I’ve liked about the Fools Gold Series, is that our favorite characters from the past, keep reappearing.  Yours For Christmas is no different.  We have cameo appearances from the founding family the Hendrixes, as well as the Boylans and a few others.  By seeing these characters, we keep getting a better picture of the town of Fools Gold, and it also increases our investment with the characters.

Like all of the Fools Gold Series, Yours For Christmas, is a stand alone story that ties into the previous stories so it can be read out of order.  I found that it was a very enjoyable quick read, and I would highly recommend it.


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