misappropriated meansAvailable Now!  Misappropriated Means

Special Agent, Dominic Franchini has a dilemma. As the leader of one of the FBI’s Organized Crime Taskforces, he’s supposed to work within the law to bring down the bad guys. Only, his last op went belly up when somebody didn’t play by the rules and he was the one left holding the bag.

Bridgette Mahoney had lost everything to the gang that continually terrorized her hometown until she couldn’t stand it any longer. When she learned that the Black Mambas stood to gain a cool million in cash that would be used to increase their drug trade, she knew she had to fight back to save her city. But how? Armed with only her wits and computer she devises a way to corrupt the deal. Unknowingly she sets a chain of events in motion that will irrevocably change her life.

Now the Mambas want their money back as well as Bridgette’s death. Dom and Bridgette find themselves on opposite sides of the same coin, with the realization that they have more in common than they thought. Will Bridgette’s Misappropriated Means be insurmountable or can they work together to take down the Mambas and save her life?




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