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Book 3 of the FBI Organized Crime Task force Series

The New Leader of the Mob is more than a Pretty Face…

Organized Crime Task Force member, FBI Agent Deke Kirkpatrick, spends his days working to drive the mob out of town. But, he has a secondary objective- he’s lonely. He is the last of the Three Amigos to still be single. Envious of his friends, now he can’t get the dark haired beauty he had seen only once months before out of his head.  After spending a considerable amount of time and effort, he’s finally tracked her down. But he soon finds that things may not be what they seem.

Beth Charles is a bookstore owner with a past she’d prefer to leave on the shelf while she concentrates on making a life for herself and her young daughter. After Deke walks into her store, she finds herself thinking about breaking her longstanding moratorium on dating. But is she willing to risk it all for a shot at true happiness?

When the leader of the notorious Mangelli Crime Family dies, the family must pin their hopes on the new donna of the family, Ricardo Mangelli’s daughter. The only problem is, she’s got a conscience. Will she save them or ruin them?